Exporting to cloud providers, iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive

MyGas supports exporting your logbook to any cloud provider that integrates well with iPhone. Here are the main ones:

Getting the cloud provider setup is simple.


If you plan to use iCloud, you don't need to do anything, this will show up when you go to export your log. Export the log to iCloud and then you can login online to download it to your computer at  https://www.icloud.com/

Other Cloud Providers

In order to get Dropbox, Box or Google drive working, you need to install the relevant app from the app store. E.g. to get Dropbox working, find and install the official dropbox app. Once you have done this, the export option will list the providers you have installed.

If for any reason you don't see the cloud provider once you have their app installed, select More link, and turn it on as shown below:

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